About the Talbots

Dr. John and Sandy Talbot are the Directors for the Siena, Italy Fall 2017 program. This will be their second program in Siena and their fourth study abroad program to Europe. The Talbots believe in developing and delivering an authentic study abroad experience with a focus on becoming a part of the community - immersing in the life, language, and culture of Siena.

Dr. John Talbot earned his PhD in Classics at Boston University. He is faculty in the English Department at BYU and teaches courses in English Literature, Classical Literature and Creative Writing. Dr. Talbot's interests are extensive including literature in the classical tradition, poetry, and literary translation to name just a few. His unusual background as a classicist (the study of Ancient Greek and Latin), coupled with his knowledge of languages and interest in the transition of literature from antiquity to the present have made him a world-class leader in his field of the classical tradition. His enthusiasm and expertise for western literature, art, architecture, culture and language bring a unique and rich dimension to the Talbot's study abroad program in Siena. 

Sandy Talbot has worked in education for more than twenty years, recently retired from her position as the Program Director of Chinese Immersion for the Utah State Office of Education. She also worked as the Managing Director for the BYU Chinese Flagship Center prior to her transition to the Chinese Immersion Program. Both of these positions developed in her a strong belief in the value of learning through an immersive experience which is widely reflected throughout this program's itinerary and activities.