Students are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours. Details about coursework can be found on the website under the Authentic Learning tab.  To register for courses go online to the BYU Registration site after you login with your net ID.  Choose the courses that are listed for our student abroad as indicated on the coursework page of this website.


All Program participants will travel on a tourist visa which allows for 90 days in country (and in the Schengen treaty zone). You do not need to apply for a VISA. VISAs are for travelers who are enrolled in an official Italian university (the Dante Alighieri is an Institute, not an official university), or those being sponsored for employment. The program is 84 days which gives you about 6 days of travel outside of the program dates. Post program travel cannot begin before November 28th. When you arrive in Italy you will receive a stamp in your passport at your arrival airport. As you depart, the airport official will verify that you have been in the country (or the Schengen treaty zone) 90 days or less. Violating the 90 day stay policy is NOT recommended. You can find information here: Schengen treaty zone to discover which countries are included in the 90 day stay policy. Since England is outside of the zone, we'd recommend a lovely stay in London and the English environs :-)


The Program will begin on September 6th in Florence, Italy and end on November 28th in Rome.  Students are responsible to make their own flight arrangements.  All flight itineraries must be given to the directors of the program as soon as they are available but no later than August 6th. If the flight arrangements do not arrive/depart in Florence/Rome, students are responsible for their own travel to these program sites and they must arrive/depart on the program start/end dates. The directors are available for in-country travel suggestions, if needed. 


After all the student Florence arrival information has been received, the Directors will work with each student to ensure their safe arrival at the Florence lodging destination:

PIAZZA DEL CARMINE 21 - 50124 FIRENZE - (IT) - P.IVA 01113001000
PHONE: +39 055 213856

Prior to arriving in Florence, all students will receive detailed information regarding travel to the Florence lodging from the Florence train station and airport in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Students that arrive prior to the program start date are in charge of arranging their own lodging, either at the program hotel listed above or other hotel of choice.


Saturday, September 9th, students will be taken by coach from Florence to Siena where they will meet their host families. All host families live in Siena, some inside and some outside of the city walls. Students will receive Siena bus passes if they are housed with host families where bus travel is required. 

All host families are carefully chosen to ensure that the students are in a safe and friendly environment. It is typical for two students to be housed with each family. Please make sure to notify the directors if you are traveling with a specific companion so that the housing arrangements can accommodate your request to be housed together.

Host families will provide breakfast and dinner six days/week to the students. Please alert the directors of special medical dietary restrictions so that we can accommodate your dietary needs and alert your host family (additional costs may apply). We will make every reasonable effort to assist you in having a healthy and pleasant experience in Siena.

Living with a host family in Siena presents students with a unique opportunity to experience real Italian culture and we recognize it can also present challenges. Most students experience culture shock during their first days in Siena so don't worry, the directors and the Dante Alleghieri Institute are there to help. If there are on-going issues, please alert the directors so that we can work with the Dante Alighieri president to assess the situation and make changes if necessary.

Laundry is a unique challenge for Americans AND Italians. Italian families may require an additional fee for the use of the washing machine - they don't often have a dryer but hang laundry outside. Utilities are VERY expensive and laundry is a luxury. There are laundromats located in Siena if you need to use outside services.


While living in Siena, you have a network of people to support you. The Director's residence is conveniently located in central Siena and will accommodate regular meetings/activities for all the program participants. We will host regular FHEs and other activities throughout our stay in Siena. 

In addition to the program directors, the Dante Alighieri Institute provides extensive support to students for all aspects of living in Siena from homestays to medical emergencies. 

The BYU Kennedy Center also provides support for health concerns, emergencies, crimes committed against students (including Title 9 issues).


While on the study abroad program, everyone will be covered by the HTH insurance. The cost for this is included in your program and the Kennedy will sign you up for it. You will receive an email from HTH prior to your departure. This is not only medical insurance but it is also a medial services company including, emergency medial response in the event of health evacuation back to the US for natural disasters or political unrest.


The study abroad program fees cover the majority of travel and activities sponsored by the program itinerary but do not include personal expenses. Students are expected to have additional funds available to cover the cost of daily lunch, individual bus travel, personal shopping (food, and personal supplies), etc. Individual budgets vary but it is recommended that students have approximately $1000.00 available for personal spending.

Program Deposit amounts and due dates are on the Kennedy Center website.  The Kennedy will automatically apply the programs to your financial center when they are due.


Siena has extensive bus service connected to Tuscan destinations accommodated by the bus terminal at the Piazza Gramsci. All bus departures, including private coach travel on our 'days away' will depart from Piazza Gramsci.

Bus travel in Tuscany is safe, economic, and pleasant. Students will find easy and frequent bus departures for Florence (a common destination) and less frequent but extensive choices to Tuscan villages. Our 'days away' trips (see Activities) may whet your appetite for more of the Tuscan countryside and the Piazza Gramsci bus terminal is where your Tuscan journey begins.


The majority of host families do not speak English and they will expect the students to speak Italian at home. Siena is a popular European destination and most shops can accommodate many languages but we expect students to communicate in Italian as soon as possible which will reinforce the immersive Italian experience.

We encourage all students to pursue Italian language self-study during the summer in preparation for their stay in Italy. BYU's Italian Department uses the Oggi in Italia course hosted online by iLrn - Cengage Learning. Other programs are available and students are free to choose a program that works best for them. If students intend to pursue Italian language courses post-program, using the Oggi in Italia online course may accelerate coursework.

The Dante Alleghieri Institute will offer two Italian language courses, Beginning Conversation (211R) and Intermediate Conversation (311R). These courses will be conducted exclusively in Italian and will focus on conversation over grammar. Vocabulary and grammar study prior to the course is expected.

Students who have completed the Italian 102 course can investigate the curriculum for Italian 201 which includes ???????


The program has been designed so that all coursework will be held M-Th from 9-11AM, and 1-3PM.  Most Fridays in Siena will be spent traveling to Tuscan destinations, however, no day trips are scheduled for November so that students can use this time at their own discretion.  The following courses, with descriptions, will be offered:

English 355: Italy and English Literature, taught by Dr. John Talbot, 3 credits
Fine Arts 270R: Italian Art, taught by Italian faculty, 3 credits
European Studies 336: Italian Topics, taught by Dr. John Talbot, 3 credits
SFL 399R: Italian Cooking Experience, taught by Italian faculty, 1 credit

Choose one from the following courses:

Italian 211: Italian Conversation Intermediate, taught by Italian faculty, 2 credits
Italian 311: Italian Conversation Advanced, taught by Italian faculty, 2 credits





it is the responsibility of the student to investigate how the BYU credit for each course will transfer to their home institution, however, every effort will be made to provide sufficient course descriptions to help with this process.  If students anticipate transferring credit, they should notify the program directors early in the program so that documentation can be acquired to support their request.